Leading your Finance Team

  • Setting up the finance and accounts department

    • Developing team including recruitment of staff, coaching and mentoring team
    • Evaluating performance of team members and identifying their training and development needs
    • Design of accounting system
    • Ensuring books of accounts are accurate and current and maintained as per applicable accounting standards
  • formulation-policies

    Formulation of policies, processes and procedures

    • Formulating key expenditure policies
    • Formulating accounting policies and practices
    • Establishing Schedule of authority
  • risk-mitigation

    Risk mitigation by ensuring Compliances

    • Establish a framework to ensure compliance with applicable laws such as Companies Act, labour laws such as PF, ESI etc.
    • Online monitoring of compliances based on a comprehensive legal library
    • Review of commercial contracts
  • business-planning-performance

    Business Planning, Performance Monitoring and Analysis

    • Development of annual business plans, annual operational plans and targets
    • Developing MIS to track key financial and operational parameters
    • Cash flow forecasting, planning and management
  • Investor-relations

    Investor relations

    • Facilitating information flow to investors
    • Presentations to board